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Hi, I’m Rahma – an Egyptian who grew up in Saudi Arabia, where solo travel was once a forbidden dream. Achieving it has been a source of immense pride. I fought against societal norms to obtain my right to travel. Traveling has been transformative, helping me grow, heal, and explore both my internal and external worlds.

Now, I’m here to simplify your travel decisions. Whether it’s navigating visa procedures or planning your trip, I’m ready to assist. I’ve even opened slots for women to join me on safe, open, and judgment-free adventures. Let’s embark on a journey of freedom and exploration together!

فكرت تشتغل معايا؟

As a travel content creator with over 10 million views across hundreds of long and short-form videos,
I’ve been fortunate enough to work with many influential brands and companies.
شغلك معايا هيديك فرصة تبقا جزء من مشروع كبير، رسالته التشجيع على المغامرة والتنوُّع والتمكين



عندك سؤال أو حتى عاوز تقوللي ازيك؟

برحّب جدًا بأي رسالة تجيلي. ابعت لي رسالة، وهحاول على أد ما أقدر أرد عليك في أقرب وقت :)